Moving Date Official 7-31-15

Wow how time flies. It’s been two whole weeks since my last entry! So much has been going on
I don’t even know where to start.

Official move date from Anitoch is 8/17/15. It should take about 5 days to move everything. We are taking with us:
* Our brewhouse
* 4 15 bbl fermenters
* 8 Brite Tanks
* Silo
* Boiler
* Glycol Unit
* Mill
* Auger
* Filter

We are taking a bunch more stuff with us, but these are the things we will need help with. We will likely sell our boiler and our glycol unit as well as potentially a couple of our brite tanks, we will see.

Next up, everything was resolved with Tracy and Mark 3 meaning we have no issues with parking, placing stuff on the back side of the building, and putting the grain silo up in front of the building. Great news and a huge monkey off our back.

Things are moving along with the TTB. We had to amend our application to change our address, DBA/ Trade name, and just found out that we need to amend our operation from a brew pub to a tax determined tasting room. Not really sure why it is so important to do, we end up paying and determining taxes the same way, but it is another hoop which we must jump through. Which means we may not be able to enter the GABF at all this year. This would be a huge downer, especially for Craig, who has been brewing back to back batches and doing his all to get our entries ready. All will not be for not however, as we had a great thing happen yesterday.

Yesterday I had a meeting with Delta West Distributing that was set up by our rep Mike Long. It went really well, both for the short term, and for the long term. They may have agreed to purchase our Schooner’s inventory before any legal complications (partially completed amendments and license transfers) preclude us from selling our beer. This would be huge since we would not have to find a place to store our beer while we are getting the Tracy location built.