Henhouse Distribution

Morgan Territory Brewing has expanded its distribution footprint! We recently signed up with Henhouse, expanding our reach to include Marin, Napa, Sonoma, and San Francisco counties. It was time to expand, were ready. With all the additional equipment we installed this past year it was important for us to find a wider market for our products.

While we needed to find additional distribution, we weren’t willing to accept just any distributor. Not all distributors are created equal or have the best interests of a smaller brewery in mind. The scary thing about selling beer through a distributor is that you lose a degree of control over how your beer is handled. The farther away your beer goes and the further down the distribution chain your beer gets, the less control you have.

We couldn’t be happier to be working with Henhouse. We love the way they handle and care about how beer is handled from their warehouse, all the way to the customers glass. They clean lines to ensure the beers they sell are not going to experience any off flavors. They pull dated products off shelves, or out of coolers, ensuring that our product is always fresh and experienced the way we want it to be. They deliver in refrigerated trucks, ensuring our beer is kept in a stable environment. Bottom line, we know our beer is in good hands when we take it to Henhouse, and we can’t tell you how much of a relief that is. We lose sleep over that sort of stuff! If you are in the North Bay or in San Francisco areas and wish to carry our beer, or want to know where to find our beer, go ahead and contact them.

Oh and if you made it this far down the blog, we have plans to do a collaboration brew with them! Stay tuned for that. You heard it here first!