3 Year Anniversary Party

My goodness I can’t believe it has already been three years?!?!?! We had our three year anniversary and it was awesome! It was a great turnout with close to five hundred people attendance over the course of the day. We had several bands playing music, and for the very first time, two food vendors serving food simultaneously.
Leading up to the anniversary, we knew the rain was coming. And we knew there would be a lot of it. For a moment we were at a total loss of what to do. There were a few things we could try. Should we just hope for the best and proceed as planned? We considered postponing the event. We considered renting tents to cover the patio. At the end of the day, we made the decision to bring the celebration from outside on the patio, to inside the brewery.
To move the party inside would require a great deal of work. First, we had to clear out the south side of the brewery and make the brewery safe. The south side of the brewery is where a lot of our clutter had accumulated over the past three years. The anniversary party gave us a good excuse to do some spring cleaning and reorganization on the South side of the brewery. We moved EVERYTHING on that side of the warehouse into our barrel aging room and stuffed the barrel aging room to the gills with everything that would fit. Anything that couldn’t be squeezed in the barrel aging room, made its way to the drive-in cooler. We were left with a nice open space to work with, and we started planning for how everything needed to be set up. Once we had a setup that worked, we began moving all the patio furniture from outside into the brewery. We set up a tent for the band and finally we set up a serving station for pouring beer out in the warehouse.
At the end of the day we viewed the anniversary party as a resounding success. We were able to avert the disaster the rain posed. But we also learned a great deal that day that we will use that improve your experience in the future. Thanks to all who came out!
Oh and a MAJOR shout out to Hella Pie Pizza and Speer BBQ for braving the elements. What those guys endured was remarkable. They were beat down by the wind and the rain the entire time they were here, and yet they had a smile on their faces from the time they got here until the time they packed up to leave. Cheers to you Mike and Marcus and your crews.