Insights About Our IPA Craft Beers

The brewers at Morgan Territory Brewing are huge fans of IPAs. We recently asked Craig Cauwels, Master Brewer,  to tell us more about our IPAs.

Craig said, “So right now we have Motorboatin’ IPA which is more of an older school IPA. It’s got some malt backbone with lots of bitterness but it’s more of a piney, citrusy aspect in both the flavor and the aroma. We also have a Rye Curious which implements rye as part of the bill getting a little spicy finish to the backside. This dryness has more of tropical hop aromas and flavors to a little lighter body despite its dry finish. And our most recent offering is Hop Ascension. It’s more of a danky, pungent, citrusy offering at about six and a half percent alcohol and the malt does not compete with the hops at all. It’s all about the hops. Its front forward and you know exactly what you are getting.

We also have a rye IPA which utilizes rye as part of the grist bill that provides a little bit of the dryness and spicy finish at the end that compliments the bitterness of the hops quite nicely. It has more of a tropical hop profile which is a little trendier right now and utilizes a more of the New Zealand hops that you find everywhere and adds a juicy character.”

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