Keg Policy

Have a kegerator? Throwing a party? Enjoy your favorite Morgan Territory beers on the go. Kegs are available for sale direct to the public!

Keg sizes available: 1/6-barrel (5.17 gallons) and 1/2-barrel (15.5 gallon) sizes.

How to Order

  • Give us a call at 209-834-8664 to check styles available.
  • Stop by the tasting room to purchase a pre-filled keg with a $150 cash refundable deposit.

Keg FAQs

I have a keg shell from another brewery. Will you fill it?

No. But you can rent a Morgan Territory Brewing keg for a $150 refundable cash deposit. Remember, shells from other breweries are their property and should be returned immediately. You just paid a deposit to ensure the return of their property. Remember, you don’t own it.

Why do you charge a $150 cash deposit?

It’s simple – the keg belongs to Morgan Territory Brewing and needs to be returned as soon as you’re done with it. You are purchasing the beer not the keg so you must return it. Bring it back and we will happily refund your deposit or exchange it for another full keg. If you don’t want to rent a keg from us, you can find new or used kegs available for sale online. But don’t buy a used keg with an active brewery’s ID on it – because it probably does not belong to the seller and should be returned to the brewery.

Does the deposit also include a tap?

No. You will need to provide your own tap for the keg. We have had too many returned broken and damaged. You can purchase one on, or rent one from a place like BevMo.

How many servings of beers are in a keg?

If you are careful not to spill, you can get about 40 pints of beer from a 1/6 barrel (5.17 gallon) keg or 124 pints from a ½ barrel (15.5 gallon) keg . Remember, a pint is 16 oz and there are 128 oz in a gallon.

How long is a keg good for?

When you use a standard picnic tap to push your beer, it will taste delicious for about 24 hours before the effects of oxidation start to deteriorate the flavor of the beer. If CO2 is used to push the beer to the tap, then your keg will last for months since no oxygen comes into contact with the beer.

How does a tap work? Why is the beer foamy? I CAN’T GET THE BEER OUT OF THE KEG!!!

If you’ve never tapped a keg before, don’t be embarrassed; we recommend you check out some handy YouTube videos like this one. If you need a demonstration, just ask and we will be happy to show you at the brewery before you leave. Remember that kegs can get pretty shaken up in transport so leave enough time before your drink for the keg to settle for about an hour.

Any tips for the best way to serve from a keg?

First, plan ahead. Make sure you pick up your beer several hours before you want to serve. Beer is best served cold so leave enough time for the beer to settle after transport and to chill in the kegerator or tub of ice ~40°F. Second, if you are using a picnic tap, don’t over pump – too much air makes the beer foamy. You need just enough to get a good flow. Make sure you depress the handle all the way so you don’t add extra foam to the pour. Finally, grab your favorite receptacle – red solo cup, beer stein, chilled mug, or silly beer hat and enjoy!