Documenting the Building of a Brewery 5-29-15

Well I thought I would go ahead and start a blog about my experiences moving and starting up anew brewery. I am (and have been for many months now) on an adventure to start Morgan Territory Brewing.

Where to start my adventure?
To tell this tale I feel the need to give a little background first. We used to be Schooner’s Grille and Brewery (actually we still are technically), a small brewpub located in Antioch, CA. After seeing business decline in our restaurant we decided to focus on what we are really good at and that is making beer. And in our opinion, we make some excellent beer. That may sound arrogant and may rub some people the wrong way, but we have the medals and awards to prove it. This blog will chronicle our transition and move from a brewpub in Antioch, to a production brewery in Tracy. Some of the things this blog will include are:

* Our experience with transferring licenses with the ABC and TTB
* Our decision making processes and choices regarding the build out of the brewery.
* Decisions regarding purchasing equipment.
* Experience with dealing with City Government and the permitting process
* Growing and evolving our business.