Being Sick Sucks! 12-2-15

Well, I was literally in bed for 24 hours since yesterday. My stomach no longer hurts, but I have a high fever and a major headache, and still don’t want to get out of bed. I felt bad that I couldn’t be at the warehouse to help out with the cooler. Later on in the day I mustered up the energy to call Craig and asked him how the day went. He said that somewhere yesterday we had made a mistake and that they had spent the day realigning everything to get back on track and that my presence wasn’t necessary at all (Thanks for making me feel better Craig, but I still felt guilty I couldn’t be there).

Either way, sounds like today wasn’t very “productive”. I say productive in quotes because even though we didn’t get a lot more cooler assembled, we still learned from our mistakes and will not repeat them in the future (we also have a walk in cooler for he tap room that we need to install). I consider learning from our mistakes productive. And frankly I am surprised we have not made more mistakes thus far.