Naming Beers 5-31-15

Today is Sunday and my “off” day. All that means is that I really can’t make phone calls that I fell behind on earlier in the week. Still have a lot to do. One of the things that we are doing right now is naming our beers. We want to come up with names that are:

1. Creative
2. Have a regional orientation
3. Identify us as coming from California
4. Catchy

It’s a lot harder than you think but probably not for the reasons that you think. We came up with a lot of great names. The problem is that nearly all of them have been used before and/or are trademarked. Seriously, those of you who are thinking about starting a brewery and need to come up with names, go on to Beer Advocate and type in what you think is a unique name and odds are it has been thought of and used already. If it hasn’t been used, and meets our criteria above, pass it on :). Either way, naming beers, and protecting your beer names is becoming more and more competitive. It’s important to do this now because naming is just the beginning. You then need to trademark, and create associated artwork for the beer, all of which takes time.

So today on my off day, I’ll go on a hike in Morgan Territory and see if I can’t get any inspiration.