Lots Going On 7-14-15

I lied. It’s been nearly a month since I last blogged. Lot’s going on. They said it would be nearly impossible to keep up with a blog and I am starting to believe them. Doesn’t mean I wont do my best though hahahaha.

Like I said a lot has been going on.

We submitted our plans to Mark 3 and the City of Tracy. I am hoping for a smooth problem free process to get them through and permitted, but we have already run into a little hitch. What’s that hitch you say? Parking. Yes Parking. The city wants us to have one parking space per 35 sqft of taproom in addition to the required parking for warehouse and office space that exists at the building. That would make our parking situation insufficient given the current design of the taproom. We would need circa 50 parking spaces in total but our property only has 27. That leaves us with a couple of options. The first is the obvious one and that is to shrink our taproom down. We definitely don’t want to do this though if we don’t have to. The next option is to find a way to circumvent the parking requirement, and we think we may have found a way to do so in the CC&Rs Mark 3 has that govern the warehouse park. According to the CC&Rs parking is community property, meaning that we can share parking spaces with our neighbors. We showed the city proof of this by providing them the verbage in the CC&Rs and are awaiting a decision. We have our fingers crossed and are cautiously optimistic.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that escrow will close on Thursday, just two days away! Even though escrow will close, we will allow the existing tennant to stay through August provided that they allow us access to the building to begin construction.

We have decided on a date to move the brewery. We will move it right after we bottle our beers for this year’s GABF. So right around one month from now. It will take about five days of work to get it done. Hopefully there will be no issues and it will be a smooth transition.

Our next major purchases are imminent. They include a new boiler, our walk-in cooler, keg
washer, and four 30 bbl fermenters. We will pretty much be vomiting cash for the next few months between the building purchase, equipment purchases, and construction costs. Till next time cheers.