Outdoor Equipment 6-4-15

We are trying to put our grain silo outside the warehouse and to do so we need not only the approval of the city, but also the approval of the CC&R architectural committee that governs the parcel our warehouse is in. We want the grain silo to be located outdoors for a couple of reasons:

1. The presence of the grain silo will immediately mark the building as a brewery which we want.

2. It’s saving us some square footage on the interior of the building.

In addition to the grain silo, we also want to put our glycol and compressor units outside due to the noise and heat they produce. This also must be approved by the city and architectural committee.

The city and architectural committee has requested that we put together a package of information that they can look at regarding the equipment itself, as well as our proposed locations and plans. It’s going to take some work to get this stuff together, but we will get it done.