Meeting to Get Our Plans Right the First Time 6-16-15

Things are really heating up on the design front of things. We will be meeting with our architect, contractor, and the city of Tracy tomorrow to go over our designs before we formally submit them for permitting. I have a lot of confidence that we will have all our bases covered the first time we submit and won’t have to go back and forth with the city over our plans. Even still, there can always be some little hiccup that messes everything up. I’ll cross my fingers that that doesn’t happen. Today I will be preparing for that meeting.

Today I also will be giving feedback to our graphic designer on the most recent iteration of our new logo, enter some invoices into Google Drive, make a deposit, and research bottle labels.

We still haven’t got our beer names dialed in, but we are close. Once we get the names dialed in we need to get their respective artwork to print on labels. But of course we need to know what exactly the labels will be printed on. Seems like a pretty simple solution, paper right? Well turns out that it is much more complicated than I had thought (or maybe I’m overthinking it). The variety of options, effects, materials, and application methods is staggering.

I’ll post tomorrow to let everybody know how the meeting goes.