It’s Just a Cooler 11-15-15

At this point in time I can honestly say that one of the most frustrating things thus far has been the drive-in cooler. It is causing us all a headache. The city wants to know how it is going to be assembled, including how it is attached to the ground and how the ceiling is going to be supported. It’s not an unreasonable request, but needs to be engineered, which you guessed it, takes time and money.

Part of our frustration is that we believe the ceiling support is being over engineered. Our engineer has to sign off on his plans before the city will accept them, so really we have to do things his way or he won’t sign off. And we get that, he has a certain degree of liability. But his engineering has had further ramifications that have added to the challenge.

The way we have the cooler engineered, requires that we custom manufacture some parts which means we need to find somebody that can do that at a reasonable price. At the end of it all we have a plan, and will possibly have a new dance floor on top of our super sturdy cooler ceiling. It can support a lot of weight!