Back From Break 11-30-15

It’s always tough getting back to work after taking a break (for me anyways), but that’s life. Actually once I got going, the excitement of getting back to brewing again took over and it was fine. It was really cold today. There was a period of about an hour where you could feel a cold front just sweep through Tracy and chilled to the bone. One of our workers said it sleeted at the warehouse while we went to grab some lunch.

We continued to work on the cold room today. It’s really hard work but it’s going pretty well and looks like it should take around a few weeks when it is all said and done. Once it’s assembled we have to find out how to install the electric doors, refrigeration system, lighting inside, and fire sprinklers (because beer, glass and stainless steel is so flammable hahaha are you kidding me!).


I was a little disappointed that despite everything being backfilled and ready for rebar for pouring concrete, nothing was happening on the other side of the warehouse. The rebar should take about a week to tie in to the existing slab, at which point we need to have it inspected before we can pour concrete.

Anyways, Craig and I finished up the day by preparing some more cooler panels for tomorrow. Tracking down the panels we need, and when we need them has proven challenging. There is a specific order to the assembly, but they weren’t packed in and organized manner unfortunately. We also decided to wash the panels outside prior to assembly rather than waiting for it to be put together and wash it in place. The main reason for it is that there is no drain in the drive in cooler and we decided not to seal the concrete on that side of the brewery. We would have had to have
squeegeed all the water across the warehouse to a remote drain. It would have been a major endeavor and just made sense to do it now. It was not an oversight. We wanted one, but at this point in time could not justify thousands of dollars for a drain in the drive in cooler (the tap room cooler will have one though).