Finalizing ABC License Transfer 11-9-15

Well it has been far too long since the last update. At this point in time we have been more or less stalled in terms of the construction of the warehouse. We finished removing all the dirt and have marked where we are going to tie in rebar to the remaining slab. At this point we are waiting for our complete permit set to be approved. We have been looking at the same hole in the warehouse for the last couple of weeks.

Now that it has rained a couple of times it’s safe to say that it is finally Fall (finally). We have a lot to get done before we start brewing again and open the tap room. Things are going to be happening really fast from here on out so there will be a lot to keep you up with.

Last Friday, we brewed our first ever batch of beer here at Morgan Territory! What, we are already brewing beer?! Well sort of. It was actually just a pilot batch to enable us to transfer our license to our new location. Just a formality. We had to brew within 30 days of our license transfer. Anyways, we split it into two fermenters and will be trying a couple of different hops for dry hopping. Even though it was just an 8 gallon batch, it felt good to be making beer once again, and not have to deal with the stresses of getting a brewery up and running.

Today I am meeting with our plumber at the warehouse to go over some things including some last minute additions to our project. We will be adding a drain to our tap room cooler to make cleanups and spills easier to clean. We would have liked to have added one to the drive in cooler as well, but it would have been way to expensive. It’s okay, the drive in cooler will just hold our product before it moves out and we won’t be making a mess in there (knock on wood).

Stuff is still being ordered, though from here on out it just relates to our construction here, no more major equipment purchases. For instance, we just ordered a bunch of screed and the hardware required to put together our drive in cooler.