Drive In Cooler Finished! Fix

We have finished putting together the drive in cooler! The panels are all cam locked together, the sliding electric doors are installed, and the evaporator coils are hung. It measures roughly 40×60 and is 20 feet high. It’s looks massive to us, especially since it is almost three times the entire size of the brewing space at Schooner’s. It’s like a warehouse within a warehouse! It’s far from being operational though.We still need to get the compressor installed on a new slab out back, run the process piping, get power to everything, install lights, and install fire sprinklers. At least all the heavy lifting has been done though.

We also got our smaller tap room cooler delivered today. It should be a piece of cake to put together compared to the drive in cooler. For one thing, we have plenty of experience with the drive in cooler. It is also only eight feet high so the panels are more manageable. Finally, it doesn’t need to have the ceiling suspended from the ceiling of the warehouse so its assembly is more straight forward.

There is also activity on the other side of the warehouse. Rebar is being installed! That means pouring concrete is coming up soon. We were expecting the trench drains to arrive today, but they did not show. The trench drains need to be tied in to the rebar before the concrete is poured. Hopefully they get here Monday and we can avoid any further delays.