Drive-In Cooler Arrived! 9-15-15

Our drive-in cooler arrived this morning. What a sight it was to see an entire flatbed of panels and equipment! We were a little concerned about how it would arrive given that we bought it used and it had to endure the elements on its trip from Wisconsin. It arrived in pretty decent shape actually. We will need to clean the panels,but that was to be expected. We finished unloading it in about 3 hours. Not bad on time since the driver told us it took the company we bought it from eight hours to load (takes time to find the right balance and perfectly place everything).

It took Craig and I a while to figure out the correct process of how to get everything inside. We had to unload everything onto Craig’s trailer since nearly everything was too wide to simply drive in through the doors with the forklift. So we unloaded the cooler panels off the flatbed, loaded the panels onto his trailer with the forklift, drove the trailer into the warehouse, then used the forklift to unload the trailer. We had to do that for each section we picked off the flatbed. What’s more is that we have more cooler coming! The rest of the drive-in cooler left Wisconsin today. The transport company will notify me in the next day or two, when the shipment will arrive.

Our new fermenters are due to arrive in the next hour or so. I suspect they will come crated and laid down on their sides within the cargo container. We will have to unload them on their sides, and find a way to rig the forklift to tilt them upright, then take apart the crating frame.

In terms of construction, cement removal has begun. About half the concrete has been removed.

Some guys have spent all day chipping up a bunch of grout in the tap room area. Looks like it’s really hard work. They definitely have earned a beer when they get off.

My foot still hurts like hell.