Cold Room Progressing Nicely 12-1-15

Cold room work continued today. The panels were flying up today. As our installers/helpers put up ceiling panels, Craig and I took the time to organize and stage the remaining panels. It’s really hard work. Our efficiency is improving more and more. We have now mastered the wall panels, but now we are getting really good at installing the ceiling panels as well.

The wall panels are simple. They are just a tilted up into place between a screed channel and then cam locked together. The ceiling panels however are more complicated. They must be suspended from the ceiling and the infrastructure/hardware involved in accomplishing this leaves little room for error. We couldn’t have done it without the scissor lift. We are learning as we are going and it seems to be going ok, but as we get more experienced, I expect it to go even faster.

Unfortunately, I was really sick today. I’m not sure where I picked it up. I was sweating from working hard yesterday, and I remember that when the cold front swept through I really started shivering. Maybe that was the cause? It was a miserable day for me and I barely survived to three o’clock. I came home, took some Tylenol and passed out right away.