Closing Escrow 7-15-15

Escrow closes soon! Recessed docks baby!

Escrow closes soon! Recessed docks baby!

Tomorrow we close escrow! And tomorrow we are more than likely putting a deposit down on a large walk in cooler. May the money bleeding begin!

Today was kind of a roller coaster ride. I was able to get a hold of Mark 3 who expressed some concern over parking. Uh oh. We were not expecting this to be an issue with them, but rather the just with the city. On the other hand they expressed little concern with the grain silo. They declined to make any comments regarding putting glycol and condensers on the back of the building. All and all, this was Not what we wanted to hear.

On the other hand we got some great news from our architect. He spoke with the city and recieved conformation that the parking situation would be sufficient for them. Great news! If only we can get a consensus with Mark 3 we will be good to go.

Plans will be submitted tomorrow, or on Monday, marking the moment at which we really start putting our plans into action. So much to do in so little time.

This week and next week Craig will be brewing beer for the GABF. We hope to get it entered as Morgan Territory and start our new legacy. He’s doing partial batches for all the beers we are brewing since we have limited time left in Antioch and there is no need to carry all the extra inventory with us. He is also having to use all bagged malt since we don’t want to have a full our grain silo since it is coming with us. That means we are humping 50lb bags of grain up a ladder one bag at a time. That sucks! We are both excited that in the future we will have a forklift to lift our specialty grains up to the mill in the future. Craig and I will not miss the Schooner’s ladder!

Anyways, that’s it for now. I’ll check back in soon.