Calm Before the GABF 2016 Storm

A Conversation Between Two Brewers

Craig: So Kyle, you’ve got two GABFs under your belt now. How would you compare the two?

Kyle: I admit this year started off pretty stressful. Last year there was a kind of calm before the storm leading up to the award ceremony but this year I was stress just getting to the show.

Craig: Yea, even though we left for the airport early, we hit so much traffic that it was close. I full-out ran through the airport..OJ style. I think you jogged.

Kyle: They closed the door to the plane right behind me. I was the last guy allowed on the plane. So I was really ready for that first beer at GABF.

Craig: What was your favorite? Besides ours, of course…

Kyle: I call it research. I enjoyed Central Coast Brewing Company’s Monterey Street Pale Ale. Pretty gold color, softer, less bitter pale ale. Dry hopped without the lingering sharpness you might get in the finish which I really liked. It won a silver medal for American-style Pale Ale.

Craig: I liked Knee Deep Brewing Company’s Breaking Bud IPA. It was softer and not as bitter as I expected, really well rounded and it brought home the Bronze medal for American –style IPA.

Kyle: I noticed the lines to try the various sours were pretty long, really popular with the crowd attending this year like gose salted beers or cherry flavored krieks.

Craig: How’d it feel to bring home a medal for Morgan Territory Brewing?

Kyle: Definitely a highlight for me. We entered 5 beers so when they got to the Baltic-style Porter category and I hear “Silver Medal for Apo…” I was out of my seat before they finished saying Apogee. Thrilled, absolutely thrilled. Plus I got to give a shout out to my Chicago Cubs.

Kyle Manigold & Craig Cauwels sporting the GABF 2016 Silver medal for Morgan Territory Brewing's Apogee Baltic Porter

Kyle Manigold & Craig Cauwels sporting the GABF 2016 Silver medal for Morgan Territory Brewing’s Apogee Baltic Porter

Craig: Congratulations. How long did you wear the medal?


GABF Silver medal close up

Kyle: I may have worn it for a few days. It was cooler than the other side of the pillow, you know.

Craig: I’m proud too. Apogee won a gold medal at the World Beer Cup so I think we are on to something there.

Kyle: I’m really looking forward to next year and to seeing the judge’s notes from our entries this year.