Concrete Poured In Today 1-11-16

Concrete was poured today! What an operation it was. At one point Craig and I counted 19 people working! The concrete guys filled from the back of the warehouse to the front. They reached a hose above the rebar a hundred feet to the back of the warehouse and pumped, and pumped, and pumped. Watching the edge of where they were pouring looked like tsunami of concrete.

20160111_072711 copy

Just getting started pouring inside. Start at the back, then pour towards the front.

They poured all of the brewery floor by about noon and moved on to pour the concrete slabs outside the back of the warehouse for our compressors and our glycol unit.

20160111_122709 copy

Pouring the slabs out back for our glycol and cooler compressor.

At the end of the day, 19 full loads of concrete were poured. At this point we need to wait two weeks for the concrete to cure. We were expecting longer so this is great news.

2 foot thick tidal wave of concrete!

2 foot thick tidal wave of concrete!