Cool Fit 1-5-15

There is a lot more that goes into installing the trench drains than I expected. I thought it was merely a matter of plopping them into the rebar and tieing them into the plumming. In actuality they need to be perfectly placed and slanted at just the right angle to ensure there is no standing liquid in them.We passed our inspection so that means that we are pouring concrete next week! At this point things are going to be happening really fast.
In other news, we got our glycol piping in. It’s called CoolFit. We will be installing it ourselves and will be getting trained by a CoolFit representative in the near future. It is a double insulated pvc pipe that maintains the temperature of the glycol and prevents condensation.Its expensive stuff, but based on Craig’s experience without it, and the experience of many other brewers, it’s definitely the way to go. The reason it’s the way to go is that it is very efficient and saves a great deal on energy, and also for sanitary reasons. Using the alternative piping causes it to sweat profusely (condensation) causing mold, slippery bio film, and rust spots everywhere (not to mention having nasty stuff dripping down on us all the time).