Midnight Sea Imperial Coffee Stout

Imperial Coffee Stout 8.7% Seasonal, Dark, Malty

A Malt Driven Beer

Midnight Sea is our version of a higher alcohol stout brewed with coffee roasted by Kinesis Coffee. Our grain bill starts with a 2 row base and we add rolled oats and white wheat to enhance body, mouthfeel and head retention. Also used are a variety of dark malts, chocolate malt and roasted barley to lend flavors of dark chocolate and roast. A variety of crystal malts give warm flavors of toffee and dark fruit. The medium roasted coffee also provides smooth milk chocolate flavors that bring this beer into harmony. It’s medium-full bodied with medium carbonation.

Flavor intensity



  • North American Beer Awards-2019 Silver Medal
  • California State Fair-2019 Gold Medal